■  Any health problems should be attended to immediately since young frilled dragons are particularly fragile.  First do a quick check of temps, lights, & humidity.  Seek veterinary care if you are unsure what the problem is.  It can also to help to post on a forum to seek help.  Be sure to include pictures of your lizard and a complete description of your set-up, stating details about lights, temps, and food.

►Comprehensive frilled dragon health guide, start at pg 36, (Adjustment stress, nose rub, shedding issues, burns, heat stress, hypothermia, skin/eye/limb injuries, malnutrition, obesity, vitamin deficiencies, egg binding, prolapses, abscesses, parasites, etc, etc, etc)

►Frilled dragon health guide (coccidia, MBD, shedding, prolapse, egg binding, impaction)

►Bearded dragon health sheets (yellow fungus, UVB, impaction, probiotics, etc.  Most articles are applicable to frillies.)

►Bearded Dragon healthy guide (most issues the same for frillies)
http://www.exclusivedragons.com/HealthIssues.html  (web site down??)