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    Frilled Dragons are arboreal so they need to be supplied with lots of climbing space.  Branches should be roughly twice size as their body so they have something solid to cling too.  They are active and hefty lizards, so branches should be tightly secured to prevent accidents.  Don't overcrowd it, but try to utilize the full space of the enclosure.  A large enclosure is useless if it is all empty air.  Have a variety of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal branches.  Also be sure to have some branches in hot areas and some in cooler areas.  Branches from outside will work fine, sterilize them best you can.  Smaller branches can be "cooked" in the oven, and larger ones should be thoroughly washed.  Branches with bark are particularly useful and much enjoyed.  Although babies look small and agile, an adult at a healthy weight is quite bulky, especially males.  They are structured to climb up and down tree trunks for the majority of their activities, so small "perches" are just not suitable - keep this in mind when choosing branches and try to get the largest you can.  
    Cork tubes work perfectly - they are light but durable, and provide a large and easy-to-grip surface for climbing and basking.  They can be difficult to find, but can be ordered online and are well-worth the price.  
    Manzanita branches are popular because of their branched nature and decorative look.  Large sizes are difficult to find in stores but can be purchased online (see links below) and may be a little expensive, but they last indefinitely.  These may be more well-suited to youngsters and juveniles, while adults may prefer something wider like the cork.

    If you are able to utilize the walls of the enclosure, it adds an entire extra dimension of climbing space.  Cork bark panels are great, albeit pricey.  Coconut liner is also climbable and natural-looking, and it is a cheaper alternative to the cork tiles although it may not last as long.  Foam, concrete, & styrofoam are also explorable options depending on how artistic you want to get.  There are many online guides regarding fake backgrounds for reptile enclosures.

Plants & decorations:
    Frilled dragons do not need caves or hide boxes, but plants can give them areas to hide and help them feel secure.  Young ones will appreciate the visual security, but this is not so important for adults.  Frilled dragons are designed to blend into the branch or trunk on which they are climbing; plants and leaves aren't utilized for camouflage.  It is more important to have an appropriately structured enclosure with solid opaque walls.  If your dragon seems shy, cover the front of the enclosure to help him feel secure throughout the enclosure.  
    Regardless of your decor preferences, don't clutter up the enclosure, you don't want to subtract at all from available climbing space.  Because of their size and claws, it's almost impossible to maintain live plants, however fake plants look nice as well and don't require much maintenance.  If using plants, I recommend buying them at Michael's, A.C. Moore, or other craft stores due to better prices and quality than pet stores.

    Babies can be kept on newspaper or paper towels.  Adults should be kept on a substrate that holds humidity and can somewhat cushion any falls.  Eco earth, cypress mulch, organic potting soil, & sphagnum moss work well in that respect.  Moss is difficult to clean but not impossible.  Be sure whatever you decide to use is sterile and free from fertilizers and chemicals.  Personal preference is either cypress mulch or the three-pack of eco-earth blocks sold at most pet stores (or a mix of the two).
    Note:  Sand is not a good substrate because it doesn't hold humidity.  Reptile carpet gets mixed reviews because it does not hold humidity and without frequent washings it turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

    Spot cleaning should be done daily.  Remove any feces upon detection.  Branches, plants & decorations should be removed and scrubbed clean on a regular basis (recommended weekly).

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